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DeepSkyStacker - NOT!

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I've been playing with DSS this morning and it can't find stars in any of the frames so I've boobed again. Anybody out there sufficiently familiar with this Prog. to diagnose what i did wrong?

I've loaded the light frames and the dark frames, they're correctly labeled, I go to register them and it runs for ages. Each light frame gets processed and it says 0 stars for each one. After registering (if I select the stack option) it "stacks" a single frame. If I tell it not to stack, all the frames except the first are marked NC.

The frames have a non-black background in case that's significant, and changing the brightness setting in the register dialog doesn't seem to help. I tried 0.2 and 5, thinking it could go either way, but still nothing.


Captain Chaos

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DSS seems pretty fussy at times.

Most of my sharper subs have been OK - but sometimes with my not so sharp subs I've had exactly the same problem as you.

I couldn't find an answer either.

I used to process these problem subs in Registax.

I've not been too happy with either of these free stackers which is why (among other reasons) I've just changed to ImagesPlus.

This is a superb stacker, restacking previous subs that I'd stacked In DSS & Registax have shown a huge improvement.

Hope someone can help fix your problem.


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Looking at the ImagesPlus file conversion menu only Canon and Nikon RAW files are supported. Isuppose it depends on what trailer your Sony camera has on its RAW files. The Canon 350D has a CR2 file trailer i.e. testshot.CR2. Don't know what the Nikon trailer is. Chances are the Sony file trailer is unique. The most popular DSLR camera for astrophotography is Canon followed by Nikon so I guess software programmers cater for those.

Sounds like you'll have to convert the RAW files with the Sony software to a lossless TIF or BMP format before using a stacking program.

Hope you find a solution soon.



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right md i did have a canon 350d but sold it just before the 400d came out and bought the new sony a100, this takes much better day photos, yet to try it on astro stuff, it can be quite noisey which i'm hoping wont be too much of a problem at low iso.

sorry to ramble about my camera :D

is there anyway to stack multiple images in ps?

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IP is a great stacker. As practice in using IP I've re-stacked a lot of my previous images where I'd used Registax and Deep Sky Stacker.

What a difference, the stack is more accurate and there's more detail in the image.


The 350D is known as a low noise camera and that is my experience of it.

PS is not a stacker. As Daz points out you can do it manually.

Proper stacking software will automatically align images, some also deal with rotation. ImagesPlus deals with images of different sizes as well, and will scale them to fit.


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