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eye piece advice for new starter

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Dear fellow stargazers,

After using my skywatcher 200p [1000 with f/5] with kit ep's, i am ready to get some more additional eye pieces.

I enjoy looking at DS Objects and use my 25mm ep alot, this is what i have researched for my upgrade.

(1) skywatcher 7.5mm plossl @ £19.90, with balow increases to 3.75mm.

would this be ok for planets with my fast scope? is there better eps around the £40 mark?

(2) skywatcher plossl panaview 32mm 2" @ £75

after looking at reviews the 38mm is said to be better, what would be best for studying galaxies, nebula etc, 26, 32 or 38?

if i use the barlow then the panaview will give me 16mm, so my final ep range will be:

3.75mm plossl with barlow


10mm kit ep

16mm panaview with barlow

25mm wide angle kit ep

32mm panaview

one last question and that is should i upgrade my delux barlow that came with the telescope, i have a total budget of £200, but would like to save up for a set of motors for the EQ5 mount so i can track objects, so trying to keep cost down while getting best ep's i can get.

many thanks for advance.


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The panaview sounds like a good idea, however i am not sure on the 7.5 plossl. it will probably be of a similar quality to the standard set 10mm.

If i were looking for a 7-8mm ep i would look to stretch to a TMB or TMB clone which are great Eye pieces. these can be purchased for around £30 second hand or £38 new.

Might be worth a look

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I wouldnt consider Barlowing the Panaview - although I am a big fan of the 38mm its a big old chunk of glass and you'd need an expensive 2" Barlow for starters.

Two things mitigate againts Barlowing an EP like the 38mm - the firts is its huge size and weight which make it when added to a Barlow a monster configuratio - almost the size of some small refractors - this can unbalance a scope badly.

Secondly Barlows, bay and large, dontwork well with complex EP designs. Whether thats true or not of the 38mm I cant say but its possible - for me even with a Moonlite focuser fitted the weigh combination would have been excessive and I never did it.

I'd suggest something like a TMB PLanetary II clone at 5-8mm which are supposed to be good and can be had for around £30, SOmething liuke a Baader Hyperion in 13mm and a Panaview (if thats what you want - and its a good wide angle hit for a modest amount of cash).

THose would replace anyting you have at the moment. As an alternate to the wide angle you could look at the Moonfish 30mm clones that come up and they usually go quite cheap.

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