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NGC 7000 wall in narrow band

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Some clear nights here but plenty of moonshine so it was out with the narrow band filters. Last chance for the NA neb this year.

All subs 20 mins Ha 4 hours OIII 5 hours and SII 6 hours

Baader 7nm filters

Camera: QSI 532 ws

Scope: Tak FSQ

Captured and combined with maxim and processed in PS.

I know the hubble palate isn't to every ones taste but I like the way it has pulled out the different parts of the neb


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:) what a great image :), pushing it a bit further works on my screen. :(

so much for the images I've posted in the past few days :)

Yet more reading to do :(

Congratulations on another great image,


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Fab! Can we look forward to a tutorial on how to avoid 'orrible magenta haloes in this palette?? Really well done, Martin.


A few simple tweaks followed by some butchery whilst hiding behind a luminence layer!

I like the Hubble palette and I really like your image! It would make a terrific jigsaw if printed out onto card :)

The wife likes jigsaws, maybe she would like one for Christmas...or maybe not

Thanks everyone for the nice comments

Edited by MartinB
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Wonderful image Martin. I really like how you've pushed the Hubble palette. There's a huge amount of depth and the gold region in the lower part of the image looks like it's lifting off the page - rising toward the viewer. Amazing. Truely amazing.


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