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Complete Tyro Report

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Darling Daughter and her SO visited tonight. After a nice Italian dinner out with great appetizers, better wine and even better entrees, we came home and the youngsters noticed my new 15x70s. We went outside and they looked at the moon leaning the binocs on the mailbox post. Neither of them had ever seen the craters or mountain ridges on the moon.

I then showed them Jupiter and challenged them to see the moons. I don't know for sure that they did, but both claimed to have done.

That was (almost) as thrilling as the first time I had ever seen those objects.

Makes me want to get that dob even sooner now.

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Yes. It IS fun.

Both DD and her fiance are in their mid twenties and had never seen objects with form in the sky. I can't wait to be equipped to show them doubles, and nebulae, etc.

Still saving pennies for that day when I can get to 8" dob.

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