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tips for imaging stars with a webcam

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Hi, newbie here, i took my first image of some stars. I have no idea what i am doing. But i try anyways and i think i might of caught a couple of stars. Now could u guys tell me if i did catch some stars or are these just hot pixels? What i did was use sharp cap and a modified web cam and focused it on jupiter's moon, then pointed it at the stars and tried to keep them aligned in my finders scope while i took a 1min avi. My exposure probably wasn't set right! Should i do a slow exposure or in hence a slow shutter speed for stars because having a slow shutter speed makes things brighter right? Sorry about all the questions, i have the astronomy bug real bad. But this pic made me exited cause it looks like i might have caught a couple stars. When u guys shoot the stars how long are your avi's. P.S. I used registax a little for this pic!


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Hi, I think you got a couple of stars. The Moon is full at the moment, and Jupiter is in the sky, have a go at them to be sure. You get lots of goes at adjusting exposures and camera gains and other things to learn how these things change what you see on a good night like this.

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