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SkyWatcher Skymax 127 SupaTrak AUTO 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope

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I've decided pretty much to go for this scope as a step into astronomy. Whilst I know I'll receive a tiny bit of jip for this - as I know astrophotography is expensive. However. This 'scope' has a camera adapter coming with it AND is described as 'heavy-duty' - does this mean it has an attachment for my, ahem, lightweight DSLR? I realist I may not exactly get perfection from it. But I'm hoping for gentle steps into the field.

Any help, much appreciated.

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I think it is rather EASY to come up against a realistic weight limit of Syntrack and Synscan (GoTo) mounts. Whereas some folks happily hang considerable weight, on various adaptors, these mounts are already [iMO] quite well loaded... :(

FWIW, I've had quite a lot of fun (and learned a lot) with the lighter "Lunar and Planetary imager" type (CMOS) camera types. Targets are more limited, but the principal is (roughly?) similar - Before you make a bigger financial step. :)

I'm now enjoying LIVE deep sky images via a Watec (Minitron etc.) VIDEO cam. Another possibility... :)

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I have this exact scope and mount, and can confirm it will hold my dslr camera. Both the scope and barlow come with a camera screw adapter, you just need the correct 'T-Ring' for the make of your slr.

The mount motor is quite weak in the alt (up and down) direction, so you will need to balance the scope carefully, which will mean moving it forward when you fit your slr to balance.

It's a lot of kit for the money, IMHO you won't find better for under £300.

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