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Power Tank??

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I'm getting a bit like a stuck record on this issue, but have you considered getting a deep cycle leisure battery instead? Jump starters, like car batteries, are designed to be kept topped up - if you run them down they stop holding a charge and become unreliable. I've owned two and both lost the plot after about 9 months to a year. The build quality was pretty poor too - I had to bang one on the floor to get it to work.

Check out the user reviews of these on Amazon and you will see what I mean.

You can get some great prices for deep cycle batteries on Car Battery - Car Batteries - Motorcycle Batteries - Leisure Batteries - Cheap Prices!.

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have you considered getting a deep cycle leisure battery instead

I've go an old Yuasa NPL65 (link to NP version http://www.yuasabatteries.com/pdfs/NP_65_12_DataSheet.pdf

Would this be good enough?

What sort of charger do I need for it? Also do you need a special lead to connect the battery terminals to the mount that has an inbuild fuse?


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