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Moon shots and fun with photo shop

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Very nice, I like the sepia tone and and Earth Moon mosaic, mind you I think high tides would be a bit high with the Moon that close

Hi Rob

Well its just a bit of fun really adding colour and making a mock earth moon scene. I know a lot of people who are using high tec gear and spend hours stacking and producing stunning high detail shots might frown on using photo shop too much but I used it alot when making skins for game models and belive it to be a great tool for improving images and also bringing out details that are hard to see.

I quite fancy taking lots of picturs of the moon from all kinds of angles thenn putting them all together in a massive montage. This is just the start though I know I am going to get drawn into imaging more and more so for now its just kind of fun to take these shots of the moon with my mobile and see what I can do with them. I never considered the havoc it would cause on earth if the moon was that close but getting hit by a mega astroid would be far worse my be :)

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Im waiting till I can get some more shots of the moon at the moment its so bright its a bit blinding and I have a moon filter ordered as I fell over the other night blinded by staring too long at it with out a filter lol:D But when I do have some more I will put together another montage for you.

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There is actually colour in the Moon. If you bring it out and heavily exaggerate the colours in Photoshop you get an image like this.


Very interesting indeed buster, I remember seeing photos from lunar missions where there were patches of colour showing through the surface. Thats a great image by the way. Photo shop is a great tool for bringing out detail and contrast I used to do quite a bit of black and white photography in the 80s and absolutely hated the chemical used to develop photos thank goodness for digital cameras and photo editing software. Being dyslexic and slightly colour blind with blues and greens reds and oranges I tend to see brighter primary colours better but enjoy using photo shop to find more detail in photos.

I have yet to get into astrophotography with a ccd camera and stacking software but its going to happen sooner or later god help me.. in effect though a ccd camera is filtering out light waves to show select colours isnt it? I will have to experiment with a simple webcam first its all a learning curve but the fun is in the learning or the journey of discovery you might say:)

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I keep coming back and looking at that montage - it is stunning. It would make a great album cover for a prog rock band from the 1970's - still dumbfounded by it


Thanks to this great forum I have got myself an RA drive now so will be aiming to do some better imaging soon I remember LP covers back in the 70s like led Zeps house of the holys cd cover just cant match that can they;)

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A fun montage there... nicely put together... I've found that to be able to pull any colour data out, I needed to be using an SLR at prime focus, with at least 600mm focal length, 1200mm works better, and shoot raw.

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