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Cheers, from Vancouver

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A warm welcome sent from the Pacific coast of Canada to all. After retiring 2 yrs. ago, I found time to follow a life-long interest in star-gazing. It's curious how, still, after 62 yrs., I still know so little about the unchanging night sky overhead. I bought a Stellarvue 105mm refractor on a HalfHitch az-alt mount but found the package too heavy & cumbersome.....now looking for a quality large binocular to take on my dark-sky travels. I look forward to reading & learning at SGL! :)

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Howdy, to my favorite city in the Western Hemisphere, from deep in the heart of Texas!

I've just renewed an un-sated interest in the skies by joining in here a couple of weeks ago. I, too, am retired. I've not bought a scope yet, but I did get a pair of Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70 binoculars. They are only marginally useful without a very good tripod.

After posting many questions here, I'm convinced that the perfect scope for me is an 8" dobsonian. Despite it's bulk, I think a simple handcart will allow me to move it about. It will lack GOTO or tracking that would enable astro photography, but it will give me the light gathering capability I seek.

Welcome to the group. Many here are in the UK. It's great to see more of us westerners here.


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Hello Vancouver and welcome

my eldest daughter lives on the other ide of Canada in Montreal so get over there quite regularly. I've got a pair of 25x100 binos and they are fantastic but do need a good tripod. Binos are quick and easy to use, comfortable for the eyes and very portable. I often use them in preference to the scope.

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Hi Vancouver, a warm welcome to SGL from me in Sheffield, Northern England....Like you at 62 and three years retired, I'm learning the skies. Re the Binos... I find that a convenient pole/post to lean the binos against is almost as good as a tripod and gives a steady enough view to observe for quite long periods...... clear skies to you mon ami.

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