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Hi to Everyone !

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Hi John and welcome to the forum.

My advice would be firstly don't buy off ebay. I believe I'm right in saying the ability to get your money back should anything go wrong is shorter if the transaction has taken place with an online retailer rather than those who have a retail premises. First Light Optics, Telescope House, Greenwitch etc have their shop windows online but also have premises that you can visit. Good customer service is as important as getting hold of the proper gear, especially if you need specific help later on. Secondly, I would always go and look through the type of kit you're interested in before buying so you know what views to expect and when you see this kit for real, you can also evaluate its size, weight and therefore its mobility should you need to move the kit outside or to drive it to a dark site. There are many observation evenings, local observer groups that can help with this. Lastly, I'm not an astrophotographer but what I do know is that there is a steep learning curve to get the kind of results that you might be looking for and it also comes at a price. As part of your research into what kit to buy, it might be worth checking out on either the equipment section or imaging section what minimum gear you will need (..filters etc) for the level of results you're after. It's better to have an idea of total costs before you start so that you don't limit yourself as to what type of scope/mount to buy.

I'm glad you're taking your time to chose as that is the biggest recommendation I could give.


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Hi John

A warm welcome to the forum as for advise seem you are getting plenty good advise here so all I will say is let us know what you end up with




Meade LX90 8" ACF

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Hi John,

A very warm welcome to SGL, the SW 200 PDS would be suitable for your imaging as it is on an eq 5 GT mount, although an eq6 would be a better choice, for visual, the eye pieces are something you will have try to find what suits you, good quality s/hand is what a lot people use, that way if you do not like it, it does not become a financial crisis when you want to sell in order to try other types.


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Hi Again, thanks for the advice about retail premises. I was actually refering to the scope itself, as from what ive read so far, the skywatcher scopes get very good reviews. I am getting more confused about the mounts though, EQ5, EQ6, Az etc. Can anyone recommend any sites that demonstrate the difference between the mounts, how they work etc ?.

Thanks John

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Oh, i forgot to mention, i have been invited to check out the East Midlands Stargazers group, and hopefully look at some of there members scopes, i think thats good advice, then i could guage what i would be comfortable with, in terms of size, weight etc

Thanks again

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