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Planetary refractor

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OK. As always when bored I start thinking about astronomy and spending money.

Todays pointless question is this...

Given the kit in my siggy is there a refractor or cassegrain to be used for planetary work that would

  1. Retail for sub 150GBP OTA only
  2. Give a better planetary image than my 200 or 130 reflectors
  3. Improve imaging ability/ quality with my 900nc

Of course the pointless questions are the ones that end up costing me money :)

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There's an Intes MK67 for sale at Skylight, they are asking £210. Now that is one very nice planetary scope. It would whop the 130 with ease and should give a sharper and more contrasty view than the 200P. Neither my 200P or my C8 were a match for the Intes Micro M603.

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You will have to spend a lot of money to beat the planetary views the 200P gives.

A 10" Newtonian, a 6" APO or C11 would be the next step up - none are £150 - sorry.

Indeed. To get a worthwhile improvement over a properly collimated 200P, you're talking about ten times £150. Sorry.

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