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Which book Orion or Nightwatch

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I'm gonna get a book to help me learn the sky as it's probably a bad idea just to rely on GOTO...

So what shall I get:

Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe


Turn Left at Orion

Will Orion be out of date in terms of dates etc as it is 2000 edition and apparently a new one is out 2011? I can't wait till then though!

Any thoughts?


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They are pretty different books, why not get Nightwatch first and when the new edition of TLAO is printed get that too. Nightwatch is a fairly comprehensive book (not as much info as 'The backyard astronomers guide' but this doesn't have the charts) about astronomy with great star charts, they are not super detailed like in a star atlas but they have the constellations and major stars listed plus many DSO's. TLAO is an item by item season by season list of DSO's with info on how to find them and what it is your looking at. It is in no way a comprehensive list of DSO's but there are a lot and there's also info on when to view the planets.

Personally I prefer Nightwatch and often use the charts.

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I haven't tried turn left at orion but I own Nightwatch and its a great book. I wouldn't have a clue where to point the scope without it. It covers all things astronomy related and the charts are extremely helpful.

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