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Uluru (Ayers Rock): Milky way timelapse

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Hi there,

I shot a new timelapse in Australia.. the night sky there is just breathtaking, it was so fantastic!

This picture shows one of the most impressing moments, when the moon sets.:


Have fun watching the complete video and please leave your comments!


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That is amazing. I got a lump in my throat watching that, seriously. What a shame that so many of us miss out on that natural heritage that comes with a night sky.

I love the way the LMC and SMC come around into view as well.

That's just brilliant, thank you for sharing it with us.


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Try it... go and do it AGAIN, when the moon is not going to mess things up. How does the video compare to what you can see naked eye? I was surprised slightly that the milky way appears so much brighter than the magellanic clouds.

Very well done for a first attempt!



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Really stunning stuff, quite fancy trying some of this timelapse imaging some time, Those skies look fantastic, hope to get myself out to either Chile, Namibia or Oz for my big 4 0, a couple of weeks imaging under skies like that would do me good.

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Hi all,

thank you so much for all your comments :)

Glad that you like it!

Yeah, the sky downunder was really breathtaking. Unfurtunately this was one of only two clear nights in the outback :)

But I think I used it the right way :(

Thanks again!



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