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Not sure this is the best place to post a question on this, but here's hoping -

When attaching an image to a post, the jpg limit is 768 pixels. I therefore resize an image and attach using the "manage attachments" button. On clicking on the image in my post, a window appears showing the image at a larger size.

However, some SGL folks put images in their main message which are huge (and don't need to be clicked to see them at a larger size). The superb images posted by Pete (Starman) are a good example of this.

Please could someone tell me how this is done?


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Yep thats about it...

There used to be a voluntary limit on the size (dimension) wise of images that got posted as posting a very large image can really muck up the way the forum software gets displayed needing you to scroll around to get at the navigation buttons etc...

If your after some free websapce to host files which doesn't nag too much and seems to work a treat have a look at Dropbox...


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