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Mains Network Adapter Plugs

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Does anyone know if these 'network through the mains' systems work if you happen to have a RCD plug in series?

I run a mains lead to power my scope outside, but it plugs into an RCD plug at the house to prevent embarassment when I shove my finger into the plugboard in the dark. It would be interesting to try controlling the scope down the same cable, but I'm not sure if the RCD plug would block the signal.

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Filtering is a stage beyond simple surge protection... and may or may not be present depending on the "plugboard" that you have...

Simple surge protection just using MOV's should have little or no effect...

Ideally plug the Network Adaptors straight into the fixed mains supply and not into extensions...

It can be suprising how the bandwidth (speed) changes depending where the units are plugged in and what else is on at the same time...

have a quick look here http://www.devolo.co.uk/consumer/faq-s-general-dlan-faqs.html?l=en


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