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Moon brightness

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I've started finding my way around the sky using my birdwatching binoculars (10 x 50) and swarovski telescope (80 dia and 25-55 zoom) and have found it to be ok. Have found Jupiter and 4 moons and after consulting the free Sky at Night software, found Uranus last night. If I oberserve the moon its so bright through the scope its blinding! Is there a cheap practical way of cutting down this glare or shall I just stick to bins until I feel ready to buy a scope with a moon filter?

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you can block the amount of light coming in through with anything you want like a piece of cloth stuck on etc... My 8 inch Dob lid came with a little 70mm hole I can cover and uncover which reduces the light to a good degree.

I also have a variable filter wher eyou can vary the light transmission and then that screw onto the eyepiece, but its a chore to keep doing that so I don't even use it

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