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The Moon 19-10-10


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Scope : FLT110

Camera : DMK21 mono

Method : 6 x 2000 frame AVI, batch-stacked in Avistack, stitched in MS-ICE, contrast levels & sharpness enhanced in PS3 & PSP9.

I arrived on-site around 8:30-ish, with an unsettling amount of cloud still hanging around, but the forecast was adamant; clear as a bell from 9pm onwards, and it proved true. My friend Iain and his better 'alf arrived about half-an-hour later, when the clouds had almost cleared. Seeing was fair to good, but a fair amount of moisture at altitude, and near ground-level, to be expected in the marshy surroundings. All in all, a good if short session, but then there's only so much you can do when your prime target is obliterating all others with his luminosity. I had some tech-issues with the focuser, namely, it drained me [removed word]' car battery, but the mount's power-tank has a jump-start capability that prevented us all having midnight hernias in the middle of nowhere if we had to bump-start the motah.


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People like you annoy me, I've just made my absolute, guaranteed, last astro purchase of the year, a new WO Mergez 72 for some imaging, and then you post this! You'll have me in the bankruptcy courts trying to get something half, not even half as good as that, maybe a tenth!

Superb, brilliant........



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Woo-hoo ! my first (properish!) lunar image...yee-hah etc ! this was a result of my much faffing about with bits of aluminium that actually fitted for a change and professional guidance from my good friend Ivor albeit a short sesh last night, every second worthwhile so far as i'm concerned ! (you should see some of the ones that came before !)

All thanks and praise to Ivor:icon_salut:


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OK My first attempt at a moon pic (well 45 attempts, one pic that looked like the moon!)

I was proper chuffed just holding the camera somewhere near the EP and set the camera to manual focus

Obviously very close to your efforts, nearly professional I'd say:D:D:D


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Iain, I'm still blown away by the result you got with that big achro of yours... the edges of the limb should, "by rights", be glowing with aberration from the brightness, and yet it's not only subdued, it's entirely absent! I know the 2x Powermate was thrown into the mix, but I doubt it was solely responsible. We need to tweak it a little though, to tease out some more detail, without going bananas like I did with mine. :)

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Blown out a tad in a few areas, but you've captured great detail even away from the terminator area. One of the best Moon shots I've seen on here :-)

I've checked the original AVIs, and unfortunately the blow-out originates there. Silly me, I didn't calibrate the exposure/gain on the brightest sections, as I've since read I should have. Oh well, there's always next month, or a very, very late sesh in the latter part of this Moon. :)

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