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BBC4 19-10-10 2100hrs The first men in the moon


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Any reviews guys?

Not a review but I thought it was absolutely charming.

Mark Gatiss is a clever b*gger and was excellent as Cavor.

He made some subtle changes aad obviously streamlined the story somewhat but in no way to it's detriment

Now I just need to work out a way to persuade him to do definitive versions of "The Time Machine" and "War of the Worlds" (particularly the latter would need a much bigger budget)

These things are so much better when we keep the Americans away from them :)

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I'm a huge fan of 'Benders' as it's known in our household.

Quite frankly it should be on for a minimum of 2 hours each night, 7 days a week, if not longer.

That'll keep SWMBO occupied so I can spend more time in the garden, under the stars, or on here if cloudy! Ulterior motive, see?

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I know I'm gonna take some flak for this, but frankly, I found it dull.

I loved the original - it had a magical "made in the 60's and all that implies" feel to it. The modern one had none of these intangible atmospheric elements, and looked somewhat over produced

It pains me to say this, but when I saw it, thought of how much better it would be to watch the original - nearly all the way through it.

It seemed OK - but no more (and I really wanted to like it)

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