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Mounting a SW FlexTube on an HEQ5 ?

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Has anyone had any experience of mounting a SW FlexTube (200P or 250PX) on an equatorial mount such as an HEQ5 ?

I'm thinking that a Flextube Auto DOB would be ideal for me at the moment, especially for portability, but I like the ideal of having the option of putting it onto a Syntrek mount later.

I'm also a bit concerned about the long term stability of a wooden dob mount, when the warranty has expired, against a metal tripod and mount.

If mounting on an HEQ5 was possible it would give me another avenue if the DOB developed a fault.

Thanks in advance


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Probably not very practical with a flextube as the balance point will be somewhere along the poles so whilst you could get something machined to attach the mount to the poles you would be unable to rotate it in the "rings" bracket or whatever it is to achieve comfortable eyepiece positions.

If you ended up with a problem with the dob base you would probably be better off buying a 2nd solid tube dob and swapping the flextube onto it's base and then using the solid tube on the equatorial mount and selling the flextube on (am I making sense?)

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