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C9 new scope - advice needed!!

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I've just received my new C9 and I have spotted an issue that may be a problem.

The rear cell of the OTA is held on by a series of screws that are in clusters of threes. Two of these are round headed and the other is flat headed. Two of the flat headed screws are loose and rattle around. I can see by looking down the tube there is a nut on the end of the flat headed screws that has a big gap between the side of the tube i.e it's not done up anywhere near enough. The two round headed screws are done up OK but one of them doesn't seem to be angled very well. I can also see 5 or 6 flecks of dust on the mirror.

Does anyone know if these screws should be loose? I suppose the danger is that they will loosen over time and the nuts will fall off? The OTA is an XLT version, I am wondering whether anyone would think of swapping the mirror over for the non XLT version?

I got a chance to use the scope briefly the other night and it seemed to resolve the stars I was looking at into nice sharp points of light and the collimation looked good. But then again this is the first time I have ever looked through a SCT so I'm speaking as a complete amateur.

Help please!!

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I wish I could help you with this one, but I have no experience in this area. However, I would immediately phone up the manufacturer or the dealer and ask what to do about it. I believe XLT refers to coatings, doesn't it? Should make no difference.

Phone up the manufacturer and tell them you have a problem.

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