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Jupiter - 16 October 2010


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Out with my 12" dob last night to see the GRS and the various shenanigans of the Galilean moons. Saw Ganymede exit the disk as its shadow began transit with Europa getting closer for a transit later on.

12" x192 magnifcation

Seeing: III-IV average to poor. Had to scale back on the magnifcation to get a decent view.

19.20 UT

System I - 338 degrees

System II - 123 degrees


The NEB was feature rich as usual. Very noticeable was the dark banding in the northern component of the NEB as well as the 3 festoons punching up into the EZ from the southern component of the NEB. Overall the NEB was darker to the left of the CM than the right. To the right, the NEB was more punctuated by rifts and lighter areas.

The SEB is definitely becoming (slowly) more visible through 2010. It curved under the GRS at upper right of the drawing. To the lower left of the GRS the SEB darkened before curving down around the GRS.

Besides the GRS one of the most noticeable features at that latitude was a dark spot inbetween the SSTB and STB. Having looked at moon transit times I believe that this is in fact Ganymede positioned in front of Jupiter - not its shadow. The shadow followed onto the disk a while later after the drawing was made.

Also noticeable was how dark the NNTB was. It contained a darker area at roughly the same longitude as the GRS. The NTB was thin and faint. Unusually so IMO.

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Thanks Dweller. It's amazing how my view comes together sometimes. I often don't realise the amount of detail I'm recording at the time as I'm just so fixed on getting what I see down in the right places. It all just moves so quickly on Jupiter!

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That's a lovely sketch with many fine features especially when you consider you were using a lower magnification because of the conditions. Also a detailed report seb.

I was also going to observe the GRS that night, but it was clouded over and raining in York!

I know what you mean about the details you collect on the page seeming surprising at the end of the process, it happens to me too.

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