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Stellarium help please

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having some troubles getting this to work for me-

have found my long/lat/alt from this link and another

Heavens-Above Home Page (may help others)

but when i add them to Stellarium it puts me in another location, i dont know where but clearly when i look for Polaris its pointing me in the wrong direction..to test i looked for the moon, clearly showing centre of my southern facing garden earlier but showing dew west and below the horizon at the time in stellarium...any clues what this complete noob is getting wrong?

either i'm putting the figures in the wrong places, or the details i'm getting are wrong! i know what i think the fault is but dont see how i'm getting it wrong! why would any godly being make me with a brain the size of a pea?? dont answer that please just the first question!

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umm, not happy that it was that simple...but greatfull you had the wisdom i required!

thanks for making me look, i checked the box to use current, thinking that would track the system date and time, i even remeber doing it a few nights back while using the demo scope controls!!


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