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A clear night just a week after buying a scope?!


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Hey all,

So it looks as though I'll get my first light tonight with my Skyliner 200. I was thinking about breaking the session into two - firstly observing jupiter for a fair while early doors, before returning around 1-2am to look through the main stars around orion and the "great" nebula therein.

Also noticed that the moon is back tonight - does anyone have opinions about observing the moon whilst the sun is setting. Presumably it'll be as bright as ever, but will allow me a little practice before I centre onto Jupiter a little later.

Spending a couple of hours in garden this pm to make sure I know what I'm doing before our star disappears.

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I've observed the Moon a few times during the day and it's worthwhile, but obviously there's less contrast and you really must stay well away from the Sun... well away. A dew shield will help to keep the unwanted light out and reduce internal reflections.

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The most important thing about observing during daylight is to avoid the Sun at all costs. The damage done to your eyes if you do not use proper filtering equipment can be severe. On the other hand, as Revs said, observing other objects such as the moon during daylight can be advantageous (specially if it is full) since the contrast between the moon and the sky is less and the moon is less blinding when you look at it than when you look at it at night. Here is a picture I took of the moon at dusk:


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