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Spring is coming!


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Hallowe'en is jsut after August Bank Holiday, then Christmas straight after that.

And Hogmanay lasts till Easter. Or at least the hangover does.

At least Arcturus appearing in the east gives one hope that Xmas will soon be gone :D

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I was just watchin Orion rise over a hill top last night at about 1am.............. I am thinking winter is just kickin in and you lot are talking about spring........

Now, either your are all mad or live in a completely different part of the planet..... lol

Lets have no more talk of spring or anything other than winter for that matter, lol


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Arcturus sighted on the north east horizon at 0522 UT today ... spring must be on the way!

I saw it too, while driving back from my dark site at dawn yesterday, twinkling beautifully against the lightening sky - took me a moment to recognise it.

Just had my first mince pies - bought the box a week or two ago and the expiry date is end of October. Better get some more to celebrate the end of BST.

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