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Jupiter 15/16th - Mak127 - SPC900NC


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Just finished my first webcam image :D. After 3 weeks of cloud I finally managed to get the scope out and play with my new bits! Really pleased with the result as it's far more detailed than my previous efforts with the EOS. This was taken at 12:25am from 3 mins of vid captured with SharpCap, reduced to 1377 frames, stacked and optimised in Registax with a final tweak in Lightroom. Astronomik IR Block filter and Ultima 2x Barlow were used. Seeing was average, with high light pollution (taken from Hudds town centre)..


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Cheers guys :)

I was astonished to see how much detail stacking can bring out. When I first loaded up the .AVI I thought it was going to be pretty poor, but I went through Kokatha man's Registax tutorial (cheers KM :p) and when I got to the point of adjusting the sharpening sliders it brought out so much detail my jaw literally dropped, followed by a big smile :D

I could have tweaked more and got a bit more detail, but it started to look a bit over done, so I limited the sharpening sliders to about 25-40, trying to keep a more natural look. It's probably as good as it'll get with this scope and with Jupiter being quite low at 31*Alt.

Really looking forward to my next attempt!

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Excellent first image! I find Craterlet works better than Sharpcap (better colours) A 3x barlow is well worth trying too.

Agreed, though I think he'll have to be a little higher in the sky to get more detail. I wish I had the cam a month ago :D. There's always time, though. I'm really looking forward to imaging Saturn!

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I'm I right in thinking there's another GRS-like spot near the GRS?? I've been looking for a higher quality pic to check but I can't find any from last night. Can someone confirm, please..


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