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Hello from Sheffield


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I've dipped into this forum a coulpe of times and never actually registered till today.

I'm a 40 something gent who has just aquired a Celestron 102mm Spotting scope with a 20mm and 10mm eye piece. Mounted on a EQ2 tripod I can see what the Sheffield street lights allow.

Recently I've been looking at Jupiter, Andromeda andth open cluster in Perseus. I'm about to purchase a 3X barlow and realise my scope will be almost at it's full capacity although not having the money to spend I guess I'll be with this set up for a while.

I have, with a like minded friend set up a blog (see auto signature below) of our novice findings.

Please feel free to feedback

Thanks for your advice so far and much advice to follow, i hope.

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Hi Al and welcome to SGL :D

Your site looks good - nicely laid out and full of interesting info/pics. For Jupiter you'll need to turn the ISO right down cos it's so bright - 800 or less should do it. But you won't get the moons included. They need a high iso - so you'll end up layering the planet over the moons.

All the best

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