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HEQ5 and HEQ6 mounting..


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I know that the EQ5 and the HEQ5 are more or less the same but I have feeling that the EQ6 is slightly different - I guess Arthur (Ambermille) or Rus would know for sure - sorry that I can't be more specific - it's definately worth checking carefully before assuming they are interchangable.


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OK, it wasn't a tripod I was interested in :D

so if I put a pier in for the HEQ5 and change to the HEQ6 later will it just drop on?

But Steve has answered my question :D

Steve, Is it possible to get the support seperately from the pier? Just so I don't need to rebuy the pillar again when I upgrade to a HEQ6...

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I would say he had it made up. Something Arthur could in his sleep. That said, i don't why it should even be metal, could be a bit of old wood. It's not load bearing piece, just stopping the HEQ5 sliding around.


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