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SPC 900 or Neximage


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Been reading up on these as looks like would be fun to capture planets etc on laptop

I see that they are both ccd image sensor chips and can find out some spec on the SPC880 (900)

- 90 frames per second video for flicker-free images

- Ultra-sensitive CCD sensor technology for working in low light

- Face tracking automatically follows your face •

- 8x digital zoom for superb close-ups

- 1.3 Megapixels for higher image quality

- Pixel Plus for detail, depth and clarity

- Precision glass lens offers sharper image quality

and this on the Neximage

NexImage Specifications

Chip: 1/4" format, HAD, color CCD chip

Resolution: VGA 640x480

Size: 3.6mm x 2.7 (4.5mm diagonal)

Pixel Size: 5.6 micron square

Sensitivity: <1 lux

USB Cable: 7ft

From that though I cant seem to fathom out which would be best has anyone tried them side by side ?? or run comparison tests on them

The Neximage comes with some pretty neat looking software

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NexImage software is pretty basic. You get 5FPS without compression not 90 FPS. And that webcam description is marketing talk. SPC880 (clone of 900) costs silly money, while NexImage costs much more and you don't get that much more in term of performance (it isn't a D*K21 :D)

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they are, as far as I know, to all intents and purposes, the same camera, the SPC900 and neximage that is. You can't really use the SPC at 90 fps, as that compresses the image stream, being USB 1 so limited to about 10 to 15 fps before compression.

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ok so better FPS on the Philips ! but cant possibly use it

and I presume I would have to buy the software with philips whereas comes with Neximage

From ease of use it looks like neximage would be best as its basically plug and go .. the philips looks like it has to be modded

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Go for the MORGAN COMPUTER #880, flash the firmware to 900nc get the 1.25" nosepiece, use it with Craterlet or WxAstroCapture (freeware) - You won't be disappointed. I'll buy it from you at the price you paid if it doesn't work for you....

110% fun.


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