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Would this work as an AstroCam

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I am getting one of these IP Camera's tomorrow. Although it is a CMOS sensor it says it operates as low as 0.3LUX. How do you folks think it would work in place of my ToUCam for planetery imaging? My thinking is as it outputs 1280X1024 at 15fps it would be ideal for stacking and zooming with Registax? It is coming with a good quality wide(ish) angle lens, should I remove the lens as in my ToUCam or as it's good quality just use it?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. :D

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Just captured a quick snap. This is from in my living room pointing out through the double glazing. I can deff see some stars in the image. Can anybody play about with the image to see what they can get? I take it the red dots are hot pixels? Quite excited now, if it can pick up starlight without being in a scope, imagine what I can get when correctly set up with my 8" of aperature :D


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The reason I am using this cam? I got it for free :D

The picture above was just me pointing it out the windows to see if it would pick up anything. I had a look at it last night and I tend to agree with you that it might just be hot pixels. It's pouring rain up here so I have not had a chance to stick it in the 'scope and try to reach focus. I have managed to squeeze the camera lens into the top of my extension tube, so all is set for a clear night with Saturn. I am thinking that I would be best to get the camera fitted without the lens, so I will give that a try as well, just by holdingit up and seeing if I can reach focus.

What would you think best? with or without lens? Bearing in mind this is not a cheap plastic lens that comes with the webcams!!

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Got it working today (First day without rain/wind) It reaches focus with no lens or eyepiece, just like a ToUCam. The quality is excellent (well on land based targets). Only problem is I need an adapter to connect it up to the scope, I had to hold it at the front. The magnification looks about 2-3 times that of a ToUCam so I cannot wait for a clear night (Or morning) to try it all out :D

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