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Hello from ciderland!


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Hi All,

First post after lurking a while and garnering some info off this forum, which I've found very helpful.

Been naked-eye observing for a while and wanted something a bit better, so I purchased a set of Celestron 15x70s to start with, may upgrade later when the budget permits!

Spent a happy hour last night on the local hill with the Bino's and had some good results.


Rich (denizen of SW cider-country)

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Hi Itchy

would you be in the vicinity of Rich's Cider Farm ? Lethal stuff.....:D

welcome to the forum,

Not too far away. I pass it on my way home from work.

Many moons ago one of my mates (honestly..) drank a whole 4.5 litre container and ended up running around the campsite naked. Happy (if embarrassing) days :-)

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Hi Itchy and welcome to the forum.

I had a chance to look at through those binos recently as Telescope House had them on offer and I must say that the ones I looked through were pretty good. Not sure if I would want them handheld for a whole evening! :D

Clear skies


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Hi again Rich

I had some 15 x 70 Celestrons a while a go (should of kept them) and for the money they are very good bins. Much improved with a good tripod though and no sore arms. I would suggest sticking with them a while as I went from bins to 6" reflector and then back to bins as the LP up here is really bad.

I'll be down your way in November for the carnival in 'Nam' as I have family in Highbridge.

Great forum this, enjoy


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