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The Virtual Moon Atlas http://www.astrosurf.com/avl/UK_index.html is a well respected and widely used resource. I certainly swear by it for finding my way around, and for checking out what I've been looking at.

It's free, it's good. You can just use it as a basic atlas or as a tool for planning observation or imaging sessions.


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The VMA is a pretty good tool, but it does lack the exact shading of the features, which can make them a little difficult to match to what you have just seen along the terminator, when the shadows are amuch deeper than the ones on the VMA. I have a couple of good line drawing maps, which are useful. I find it easiest to match up the features I am looking at with the map as soon as possible, preferably during an observing session. There was a great map by Patrick Moore in a S@N earlier this year. It's a good thing to carry out to your scope.

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How bout 'Philips Moon Observers Guide'. Yeah I know it's a book but it's pretty good for ID'in sites. VMA is pretty cool - got it free on a disc - think it might've been on a S@N mag cd - but like WH says it was a little uncontrasty. Haven't checked if theres a control for that yet. If you don't mind spendin though, try the book. It's a nice one.

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