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Is All Red Acetate Created Equal?


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Anticipating the first step out to view, I was thinking about kit. Many have recommended using red acetate sheet to cover computer screens, etc. to preserve night vision. I have a very neat wind-up flashlight (or must I say 'torch') that I purchased from Lee-Valley - not planning to use it for night sky viewing but for ordinary uses. It has a field of white LEDs and a switch to choose between using all of them or just half. I really like the wind-up mechanism, and it is quite bright; but I don't know if it might be too bright.

I was thinking that I might use it for viewing sessions if I put a piece of red acetate over the lens or perhaps several layers of acetate. I then started looking at sources for acetate sheets on the Internet. This led me to question whether some might be more opaque than others and therefore better suited for preserving night vision. Anyone?

I'm probably being over **** about it but can't resist tapping into the collective wisdom here.

And while I'm about it, does anyone know if the Celestron 15x20 binocs come with a tripod attachment?

I'm hoping to spend some time with the stars by the weekend.

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I've been reading Turn Left at Orion and on page 206 it actually suggests getting red nail polish and using that to cover the lens of a torch.

I have a very similar type of torch to yours that I bought on Monday and I went out and got a pot of red nail polish today and tried it out. Took 3 coats but it worked very well.

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If your able to, put the film under the clear lens cover, that way it can't be accidentally knocked off, and it can still be removed for the times you want 'white' light.

Myself - I use a head torch for hand free, it has 2 settings - 2 white LEDs or 1 red LED, perfect bit of kit for £10.00.

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