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Hello to all,

I'm about as new to this as it gets. I had a 4" reflector when I was a teenager and now I'm a grandad x 2 with a bit more time and would really like to know the skies better and take some good astro photos.

No real equipment yet but have posted under equipment for suggestions.

From a bit of browsing looks a great forum with plent of help and advice.

I look forward to chatting with you

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Hi Tom and welcome to the forum.

I started out grinding my teeth (or should I say mirror :)) on a 4" reflector and I must say, I had some fun with it and it showed me a lot more than any binos would have done. I would say that as an observer, astrophotography can be both a steep learning curve and an even steeper curve on the wallet.:p:D It depends on how you want to it go but the 'Dark Side' is both seductive and addictive and a good quality picture will come at a price.

Generally on equipment I would stick to the main manufacturers and keep away from EBAY. Always take a look at equipment in the flesh to get a measure of its size and weight should you need to move it around at home etc. Pictures and measurements don't always do justice to some of the sizes that are out there.

Best of luck in your research and of course clear skies.:D


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Guest Andromeda1

Hello Tom Welcome to the group icon7.gif I took my first pic of Jupiter last month, haven't had the nerve to post it on the site yet lol

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