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Hello all


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hey folks,

Just new to all this, although been intrested in astronomy since I was a wee boy when I used to watch ol' Patrick Moore with my dad, but never really took it up as a hobby.

However, lately we've had a few beautiful clear nights up here in west Scotland and I was trying to view Jupiter through my old binoculars with very little joy, when I decided to get online and price up a beginners t.scope. So far I've went from looking at kit for under a ton to wanting to buy a nexstar 6se for 750 notes (dont tell the wife :)), perhaps you guys could advise me on that one.

Apart from all that I'm into motorbikes, golf and field hockey, amoungst other outdoorsy stuff, I'm a maintenance engineer to trade and er......that's about it really.

anyhoo, see ya'll around :D.

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Hello Robroy, did exactly the same as you, wenmt from very little too more than i can really afford in under 2 hours of reading, just sitting back and trying to let the excitment of the idea die off a little to be sure i do the right thing!

this site will certainly help along the way!

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Hi Rob and welcome to SGL :D

You're doing the right thing researching a little bit first - can be a daunting task at first sight. Feel free to ask questions in the help section and you're sure to get a reply soon. All the best!!

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Hi Robroy and welcome to the forum.

I believe you are right to do some research first before buying. If you stick to the main manufacturers (Meade, Celestron and Skywatcher) you wont go wrong and in addition, as these are popular manufacturers, any problems you might experience in the future can be met by help from this forum with people who own the exact same kit. A typical example might be that you want to upgrade the focuser in the future, well I know that someone on here will have done just that already for the same reasons you want to and so they can advise you how they did it, what they bought and from who. Also after you've posted 50 times on here, you will have access to the FOR SALE section which can offer used equipment such as scopes, eyepieces and other bits and bobs in good condition and at very attractive prices.

One last bit of advice if I may, and that is I would advise strongly that you look through kit first to get some idea of what your money will buy and whether it will meet your expectations. Look to see if you have a local astro club in your area or a local observing group who often run observation nights for the public as part of their outreach work.

Best of luck and clear skies


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