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Help with Selecting New Mount

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Really stuck at the moment....

Due to budget I have narrowed down my choice of mount (new OTA hopefully from wife at Xmas) to:-

HEQ5 Syntrek (don't need full goto as laptop setup for EQMOD

EQ6 (Not Syntrek or Pro due to cost)...

Can anyone provide me with a intelligent enema to make me choose?

really appreciate.


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It really depends on what scope you intend to use on it Roy.....

I have a HEQ5 Pro and run it with a 8" F4 Newt and a ZS66 guiding it. I get very flat guide graphs and the stars in the images I have taken with it are very sharp so it seems to work for my scopes, although I would imagine it is at its limit with them on it.

So, I can wholeheartedly recomand the hEQ5, great mount, great value for money and it works / guides right out of the box with no need to faff about with it.



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