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1960 Atlas of the Moon

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Just had a look yesterday at the Kuiper, G. P.; et al 1960 Photographic Lunar Atlas Based on Photographs Taken at the Mount Wilson, Lick, Pic du Midi, McDonald and Yerkes Observatories in my local library - had to request it from the British Library Inter-Library loan system - only took a week! But it is reference only so no bringing home for a good look and ponder over. Mind you it is a beast - about 16" wide 24" long and 2" deep with 200+ plates in different illumination conditions - it is a real beauty to look at. From the history point of view interesting to see name changes. Still that is my weekend next weekend sorted out - one modern atlas, drawing book and pencil - unfortunately no photocopier in that part of the library - the sheets fold out to a huge size.


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