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Kielder Autumn - The Aftermath


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Just arrived home safety from Kielder (got to love that A68 rollercoaster road..) and would like to pass on my thanks to the organisers for a great weekend away! :(

We didn't do much Stargazing, but we still did plenty of Astronomy. The talks on Saturday were interesting and informative, getting to see and play with lots of gear I've only ever seen in magazines was fun and useful *credit card coming out later..* and the evenings spent in the 'warm room' discussing all aspects of Astronomy and imaging was superb (especially Robert's Stellarium constellations lesson to the kids :( )

... Maybe next year we'll do some Stargazing too :(

Simon & Amanda

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Here, here, top marks to the organisers for this event.

We, Blinky and meself, arrived Thursday afternoon, after immediately setting the caravan up we proceeded to setting up the astro kit. Once built up we sat back, relaxed a bit and had a beer or so before dinner.

The sky on thursday during dinner was really good so back up to the scopes, after a very slight faff about for 30 mins or so we were both, very unusually I might add, up and running by about 9 IIRC. Now this is highly unusual for us, normally the 1st night at Kielder buy about 12 midnight we are ready to horse the whole kit into the little burn. So as the gear was up, guiding and imaging by 9 we though, this is it, this is the night we image the Kielder sky for hours.

Alas, that wasn't to be, as by about 11 we were clouded out...... that was the last my mount was running over the 3 days as the sky never cleared again, it did give us wee glimpses on thursday night /friday morning and as usual the views were tremendous when the cloud did part.

Anyway, results of my labour, M31, the data I have for this looks the best that I have done on this object so I am hoping to get it processed over the next couple of days, 10 x 10min subs.

Anyway, yes it was great, the event was very well organised and as usual the folks there were very friendly. The Ale and food at the Anglers was very good and very reasonable, the Dukes Pantry still doeas a great breakfast too.

It was good to see some mates that I aint seen for a while, and thanks to Karlo, now have another addition to the wish list, the bestest little portable log buring stove I have ever seen......and thanks also to Ian for the Zombie movie we watched on Friday night, wont ever want to go to a dark sky sight again, lol.

See ya all next Autumn.


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Thanks to Craig and Gary for letting me crash with them Friday and Saturday night for my first ever star party

The talks were really interesting, some of the kit on show was awesome and it was a some laugh despite the cloud. It was great to meet loads of new people

I have now been inspired to build a portable visual setup, I have to admit I've gotten far too obsessed with imaging....:(

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It was my first time staying for the Starcamp and despite

the weather it was a good laugh and good to see and meet plenty

of like minded folks and to see all that lovely astro equipment

in the flesh.

Many thanks to Gary and Craig for sorting my tent out and

for their hospitality in the imaging caravan and I was really

impressed with the work done in processing the images.

Also many thanks to the starcamp organisers for everything and to

the talk givers for the interesting talks on Saturday.


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Aye another memorable time was had at Kielder, might even get to see stars for more than an hour and a half one of these days :(

Always nice to catch up wi' folk and put faces to names- nice to have a chat with Ron( Barkis)

The stove was certainly the star of the show in our little camp ! ;)

Well done to Craig, Gary and Ian for at least getting some far from mediocre shots out of what little was on offer ! Amazing really ! Ian for his tenacity in building a complete library of darks for every conceivable temperature and his skill at playing Backgammon backwards ! :( Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ! 3-0 !!!:(

Many thanks to all who make Kielder such a friendly place to come and meet new friends an old ones and generally have a good crack !!

PS Ian I tried my best to eat all the cake but failed Many thanks for it !!


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Just to pass on a huge thanks to Jamie for bringing my new scope down to me. Despite the clouds it was warm and quite dry and good company all around. The clouds did lift about 1.00 a.m. on the friday morning for a couple of hours and orion was a lovely sight rising over the trees.

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Well this was my first Star Camp and I was only down for the Saturday for the open day as I don't own a tent (yet). I really enjoyed the talks, seeing all the amazing kit on show and the general buzz up at the castle.

Thanks to Craig and Gary for organizing dinner at the Anglers and to Kathleen for showing me around the camp site. It was nice to see Tom again and meet Ian, Euan and a few others for the first time.

The only down side was the clouds and the fact that pretty much all the scopes were covered and not in use. So hopefully that was the first of many visits to the Kielder Star Camp for me. :(

Cheers All

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Had a fantastic time as always, even if the skies were rather grey. Think that was the warmest Kielder I've been at !!

Great to put put more names to faces.

Beer at the Anglers Arms, was superb as always. Due to the clouds, far too much Black Moss and Black Sheep Bitter was consumed over the 4 days, but especially on the friday night. I was a walking zombie on sat morn. the food was also excellent.

Delighted to see a bigger vendor turnout and there were lots of lovely things. The big Ioptron 45 mount looked fantastic, but it was the wee Lunt solar scope that caught my eye. Even Allison thought it was fantastic and if we weren't so poor at the mo, she would have backed up a purchase!



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A big thank you to everyone from me also. I had a great time meeting people and even though there were minimal stars I'm looking forward to next time.

Michael - for the screwdrivers,

Kevin - for brute force assistance,

Jem/Jack - for the beer company,

Peter/Alan - for help with my scope and giving me the biggest lesson in star hopping possible in one night!

I thank you all.

I'm off to scour the magazines now for a free 8 foot dome!


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Just like to say thanks to all the kielder society folk for another great camp. not a lot of clear sky, but the good company ,an odd bevy, and the usual abundance of laughs kept us in good spirits. will see all next time. cheers steve...:(

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Last 3 camps were great Phil, we both miss this one and it's a white out. Maybe we're sort of Kielder lucky charms :D

Book now for spring Bill then we'll all know it's gonna be a good one!

Mind you it'll be cold too!

Can't wait...,


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OK Phil and Bill - be my two lucky charms and bring cold clear skies to Spring StarCamp for me. Bookings already going well so thanks to those of you who've already booked and for those of you with emails in my in-box waiting to be replied to I'll be doing it this weekend (been away with work hence the delay) so don't think I'm ignoring you.

Great to see everyone again last week and also lots of new faces.



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