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15x70 or 20x80

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sorry guys need more help:rolleyes:

have narrowed my search down to celestron 15x70 or nipon 20x80, really fancy the nipon`s and what ever set i get will be mounted on a half decent camera tripod. the nipons have bak4 and full coated optics..........come on fellow stargazers, lets have your views so i spend my dough wisely:glasses1:

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If you are going to mount either pair then perhaps you should buy the larger aperature binos.

In support of the Celestron 15x70 although I place them on a tripod with a RDF - sometimes I just grab them for a quick hand held view. Not sure if you could really handle 20x without a tripod.


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i've just got some celstrons and i found i could mange pity well without a tripod for a quick view, also it gets easier after a few nights as your arms get used to it, i'm able to spend quite a bit of time now holding them steady before needing to rest my arms if i don't wish to use a tripod.

bigger may seem better but if you do go for bins that need a mount remember that whilst tripods are more stable, apart from the problem of viewing near the vertical, a tripod does take away the big advatage that bins have of being able to take advantage of the slightest opportunity and being able to react quickly, last night, whilst at a friends house i saw one of the most spectacular meteors i've ever seen and was able to swing the bins up and get a glimpse through them before it disappeared, if they had needed to be on a tripod not only is it very doubtfull i'd have bothered to take them with me but i wouldn't have been able to turn so quick nor been able to just bring the bins up into my line of sight. i'd suggest that if you get a big / higher magnification pair you could probably find a use for a smaller pair aswell.

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