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Mounting a synscan AZ head on a surveyor tripod


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I would use a thick-30-35mm disc of m.d.f. as a starting point and cut the disc to the size of tripod diameter then cot a hole to the shape of your head use bolts to secure mount to mdf and then use a longer bolt through center of mdf adapter to secure head/adapter to tripod,when your happy with the fit a local machne shop i`m sure wil make it in ally for you ,im still using a mdf one without any problem after 4 months on my Hq5pro to Hq6pro tripod

Best of luck


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:( Great minds think alike - I am quite fond of "MDF Technology" too.

I adapted my Synscan to fit an HEQ5 type pillar. Far more stable. :(

Many of these things are a matter of cutting out MDF disks to about the right size (hole cutter etc.) and the "machining" (spinning them in a power drill) to fit into some hole or other. Don't breathe the dust! Indeed, a large bolt down the central axis usually works. The result is often adequate, or can serve as a "prototype", if you know of a tame machinist. :(

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I went straight to steel for my adapter, which was to connect a mount to a rather lovely Zeiss tripod of the sort that came with their Telementor scopes. I made a few measurements and drew what I needed, took it to a machine shop in town and was very happy with the end product. I'm sure aluminium would have been fine but the machinist assumed steel would be better. He charged £10 which seemed OK for a one-off job.

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