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Hi from Sompting


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Hi all

I've just started out in telescope astronomy, really. Learned many constellations when I was young, but never even got as far as binoculars.

A few years ago my wife bought me a celestron powerseeker 114mm newtonian on an equatorial mount. It barely got used as I bounced around the country (it even spent a few years in a friends garage), but now that I have got settled in a house here on the edge of the South Downs (Worthing), it is permanently set up in the bedroom, ready to go :(

So far I have found M31, M13 and M57, in addition to the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Collimation of this scope is proving... interesting:mad:

I'm already looking at which 'proper' telescope to upgrade to, but there's plenty of time to learn with my current scope while I save up.

Clear skies to you all


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What are you using to collimate?

:( Film canister lid with a small (1.5mm) hole drilled in the lid - need a cheshire eyepiece as well really, but money is a little tight at the mo.

The step that I need to face up to is removing the mirror and marking the centre, but that seems a little :( at the moment.

A star test is showing a little astigmatism - almost certainly poor collimation, but with these quality optics (675 power, don't you know :() you never know.

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Hi Adrian and welcome to the forum. :(

I don't know if you've seen AstroBabys guide to collimation:-

Astro Babys Guide to Collimation

I've also found AndysShotGlass useful:-

Collimating a Newtonian

It does get much easier with experience - I used to be really anxious about it but I collimate every time I setup now - takes a couple of minutes. I hope this helps.


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Welcome to the Lounge and collimation Adrian, you need to get that primary marked with a hole punch protector sticky and it will be easy to collimate, you can even do it by eye.


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