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LADS -Large Aperture Double Stack Ha telescope


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Finally managed to get a few minutes clear skies ( pretty average seeing...) to finally evaluate the SM60 PST double stack.

The answer is YES, is does the job very well; minimum sweet spot issues and good bandwidth...

I did get some images with the DMK41. I'll process them tomorrow, but I'd honestly recommend this solution for a double stack.

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Definately has the potential to pull out more surface detail.

Comparing the single to the double stack there is far more surface resolution.

I need to do a one for one comparison between a 60mm DS and a 88mm single stack.....

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Indeed Ken. My problem is that I don't know anyone else within reach for comparison and can ony go by the posted images. My inept attempts at imaging with a DSLR bear no relationship to the visual! I'm planning to take a 125mm/PST combination to Kelling in the Autumn so there should be an opportunity then.

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Haven't managed any imaging in the last few days (weeks!?) but did get a few minutes visual with the SM60/ PST double stack.

It certainly is living up to expectations!!

This could be the solution for SolarMax, Solarview owners who want that extra surface detail. The views with the 10.4mm plossl were outstanding!!!

I'm impressed:D

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I can't help myself!!!!!!

The last time I got so excited was when I married Sue!!!

Nick, You GOTTA try this!! I''ve just replaced the 88mm ERF with the SM60+Tmax with the PST etalon as a double stack and the results are mind blowing!!

Honestly they are as good if not better that the results I regularly get from the two SM60 as a double stack.

Easy to tune, no issues with sweet spot and the surface definition...Woooooow

this is why I love this hobby!! I'll sit down now and have my pills!

I've have to say...why oh why didn't I try this before???? The results are fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone who can buy beg borrow or steal the components.

When I stop shaking I'll try and set up the DMK41 so you can all appreciate the spectacular results......


Great to read about your excitement with this DS mod. I hope you are still as enthusiastic.

Are you satisfied with the Meade telescope you used for this mod or what would be the optimal specifications?

I have both etalons and a few achromats around. I have used the PST II mod with a 1200 mm scope stopped to 120 mm with quite good results (especially when using a Barlow) of course turbulence permitting.


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