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are those good for astronomuy

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does anyone know about this binoculars 7dayshop 10x50 Binoculars - Sport Series (Ref. 7DAY10X50).. this is only around £17 in amazon. are those good for astronomy?

pls let me know.

thank you.

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Thank you Revs. I am really in tight budget. its hard for me to spend £30 for bino at this moment. but i m bit confused between this binos and Meade 10x50 which costs £25. are there any big difference between them? could u pls tell me?

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The difference between low end binoculars like these is not great. Quality Control tends to be poor (I suspect that they leave it to the customer), so you would be advised to thoroughly check any that you get (link below). If you are on a really tight budget, you may be advised to wait for one of the periodic occurrences of Bresser 10x50 at Lidl; last time they were £13.99. Again QC is an issue.

How to Evaluate a Binocular

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I have the 7dayshop 10 X 42 (had them for 2 weeks-still OK) which are incredible value, very contrasty & fairly sharp, low chromatic aberration - The night sky looks good, I can see M78 in Orion with them from my moderately light polluted sky. However I don't know how long they will last - whether the collimation will stay reasonable - they have been slightly out since I got them but not too annoyingly so. I just wanted a pair for garden bird watching and for use to help location of sky areas in conjunction with my scope, which is good as they are wide-angled (6 deg).

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Hello kalodighi,

Sorry for the late response. I have not been on the forum for some weeks.

If you go to these posts here.

You can see I was going through buying binoculars similar to yours. You can read the kind responses and advice members gave. I suggest you read all the thread.

I did buy some for 10x50 for £19.99 from mymemory but it had some collimation issues but company was good about it and I got a refund. Now of course, I may have been unlucky and they have lots of collimated binoculars, they were a cooperative company. They say you will find collimation issues with these price ranges of binoculars. After my refund I got a Meade 10x50 for £28.99 from buzz optics which is part of telescope house. Since they are astronomy based company. But with my luck it had speaks inside. But telescope house were excellent and offered a full refund or replacement. I got a replacement and the binoculars have been excellent. I would recommend telescope house. Since I got them they have gone up a bit in price at £34.99. But I will still recommend buying these from telescope house. Now the link to them is here but there other buzz optics site has free delivery here. Of course you may find your 7dayshop 10x50 ones excellent and collimated. But I will go for Telescope house/buzz optics, they give you lots of advice. I am assuming you are like me and would uses these binoculars mainly. So I will pay a bit first time and go to an astronomy specialist.

Hope this helps.



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The 7dayshop 10x50s seem excellent to me.

I've had them about a week now, having taken a bit of a punt on them as the reviews seemed good and there were no Lidl ones around nearby. Admittedly I only have a pair of poor quality 25x30 bins to compare to, but I'm still very impressed with how much can be seen through them.

Just looked at the full moon when the clouds would let me and the image was very clear. Picked out 2 of Jupiter's moons a few nights ago too. This is with the bins in my hands.

Having had a good read about it here first (thanks for the guide) and collimating my old bins as far as they would go, I could straight away notice the difference in clarity when viewing through the 7dayshop ones. They seem perfectly collimated to me straight out of the box.

I also picked up the tripod mount at the same time, which does a good job of securing them to an old tripod I got free with a camera 10 years ago. Not surprisingly it's a bit pants though.

Anyway, as a newbie to using anything except my eyes to look at the night sky, I just wanted to say that for 20 quid spent including delivery, these bins and mount are a great cheap way in.

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7x50 and 10x50 bins are ideal for handheld binocular astronomy. Look for BaK4 glass and fully multi coated (FMC) lenses as both of these allow greater light transmission. I used to own the Meade 10x50s so can vouch for them being good bins (in case you're wondering, I sold them onto another astronomer as I have a sight defect in one eye and the 10x mag caused eyestrain hence the downsize).


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Just an update on the 7dayshop 10x50s - last week after my old tripod had stopped wobbling I saw 4 moons around Jupiter. This is from lovely light-polluted Birmingham.

Pretty pleased with that. Actually, is there a benchmark for testing 10x50s out against in city skies?

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