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Pricing of new Skywatcher 350p Dobsonians


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Several of you have already ordered one of the new Skywatcher 350p flextube Dobsonian telescopes and others are planning to do so.

When a long-awaited new product is launched it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for the price to settle. The day it became available we price-checked our competitors then set our price. Back then only one other dealer listed it but others are now catching up and £100 has already been knocked off the price. We have reset our price accordingly.

Those of you who have purchsed the telescope will already know that should one of our competitors offer the same telescope for less at any time before November 1st we will arrange a credit equal to the price difference. The only condition is that the competitor is actually able to supply the telescope or have it drop-shipped.

So, feel free to buy with confidence :(



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Just a quick check guys, do we need to ring round the other dealers or will it be automatically credited?

With this being a new product we will price-check it every 2-3 days for at least the first two weeks after it's launch, then update our price accordingly. Feel free though to do your own checking, we do a regular internet search then compare our prices with those listed on competitors websites.

The only proviso is that they must actually hold stock or be able to arrange that it is drop-shipped because occasionally a retailer will display a lower price when the item is unavailable only to then raise it when it is back in stock... But I'm sure UK astro dealers are much too professional to play such games :(

So far the Skyliner 350p Flextube GOTO price has dropped £100 since you bought yours Stuart so that is the minimum value we will be crediting you at the end of the month. Consider it all part of the forum sponsorship :(



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