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Recommended DSLR for astro work (sorry if this is old ground)?

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Hi all.

I'm looking at replacing my digital camera (Lumix TZ7 - for sale if anyone's interested? :() for a DSLR camera for astrophotography and terrestrial work and was wondering what model would be best suited?

I am aware that the Canon EOS range is a competent camera and seems to be a favourite with most people, due to it's digic logic processor I believe.

Would anyone recommend the 30D, 40D or 50D or 1000D or any other models; I've seen an EOS 5000 on fleabay for £40!!! Is this any good or a load of old rubbish?

Many thanks. :(


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I want to use it for daytime terrestrial use as well as for astronomy work; I heard dslr's aren't very good for planetary/lunar photography, is this correct? :(


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Get a D200.....runs for cover.....:(

Seriously if its for AP then Canon win hands down. That isn't to say Nikon and other makes are ruled out its just Canon have a good reputation for AP, which even culminated in them even bringing out a special camera the 20Da

By all accounts the Canon 1000D would be a great camera for AP. Just remember if you get it modified it wont be much good for general daytime use.

DSLRs aren't ideal for planetary (AFAIK) - a lot of people use webcams due to their high crop ratio. There are lots of articles here about webcam AP which should be relatively cheap and something you can add to getting with your DSLR.


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For lunar and planetary work a webcam is adequate. Take lots of frames and stack them in "Registax" (free software) and process in "Gimp" (also free) or Photoshop.

It's an effective and cheap way to start imaging and you can allways upgrade to dslr later if you decide astrophotography is for you and you want to snap dso's. :(

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Question for every one, ( sorry for hijacking) if you had the budget would you buy the 500d in stead of the 1000d. Will it work just as well for astro, but better for daytime use? Ive been wondering as im on the same boat for a new dslr... And the 500d is temptng, with its reduced noise, and its 15 mp, and its hd video that i might never use:)

Thanks keiran

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