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Focal reducer WO M72...

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Hi all,

I have a 2 part question here, first part: What is a focal reducer for; other than the reducing the focal length, in terms of imaging what will it do?

I ha bought a field flattener(yet to uuse it though) will i need a reducer for imaging with a Megrez72?

Thanks in advance


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As it says it reduces the focal length of the scope. Since the focal length is reduced the f number is reduced so you get a brighter primary image, however also a smaller primary image.

Would have thought that the WO 72 had a small enough f number to start with. So I would say that a reducer wouldn't really be useful. As somewhere along the process you will have to blow up the image and with a reducer you would have to blow it up more and so errors would be more apparent.

That is simply my opinion as I know there will be several others and all different.

How about use the M72 and if OK don't bother with a reducer?

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I thought it was great as it is, a nice wide field, and so with a big dso it looks amazing, I suppose i would only need one if i was imagind some thing big like NAN

Thanks for that, I was just interested as to what it did, as i have seen a few for sale

thanks again keiran

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