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Last chance to see?

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Hello everyone,

New here and I was looking for a forum to help me figure something out.

I read that we should be able to see Draconides during this week (from the 1st of October to the 8th) and they should be "coming" from the radiant of the Pole Star which is hard to see from here (Egypt, South Sinai) since it's very close to the horizon.

Can someone give me a more or less definitive answer whether we could see them without climbing up a mountain or renting a hot air baloon? :(

Please reply soon since it will end tomorrow.

Jerry Wincott.

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Thank you, I'll check it out. But did you see anything this week?

Yesterday we saw two meteor trails going from south to north towards Cassiopeia which is strange considering that they should've been going in the opposite direction. Any thoughts on that?


Thank you for your reply. We've spend the whole night on the roof and were surprised to see them going in the opposite direction. Although we've seen only two weak meteor trails. Was there something more active than Drakonides?

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