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my try at jupiter take 2


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Hi all. I had my first attempt at imaging jupiter on monday evening and posted the results yesterday on beginers help. Last night i tried again but the seeing was not up to much. I have attatched a couple of my results anyway. Despite the seeing i am quite pleased as i have captured the GRS coming into view and also a white oval so all in all not too bad.

Any feedback would be much appreciated as i am just starting out with imaging so any pointers or advice or just general comments will be gratefully received.

Thanks Mark..



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Pretty good beginning Mark:icon_salut:

Try to post as many of the capture details as you can.

Try to keep a nearly full histogram, or check out Neil Phillips exposure guidelines (eyeball histogram) posted recently (excellent alternative)

Learn how to collimate seriously well, Take your time to nail focus and refocus between shots, scale up to 2x-3x with Barlow and/or extension tubes

And last but not least. Pray to your God :(:( for excellent seeing :(

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Thanks Clayton for the reply. Had started to think my pics had gone onnoticed. I know they are not the best but they are some of my first and i am so thrilled that i got it and some detail too. Still learning and will take your advice. Many thanks.

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