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Equatorial Mount - Question

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Hi guys, I'm trying to get the hang of the equatorial mount. I know how to polar align the scope and have done so. But the question I'm wondering is when searching for things i.e.The Andromeda Galaxy. Is the only way available to look using the right ascension/declination controls?

I feel really bad for asking this because I think I know the answer already. But I had the idea in my head that when I adjusted the declination to move it would move the OTA up/down rather then rotate it.

I've got a funny feeling this is just somthing im going to have to get the hang of but I thought I would just check.

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Just loosen the clutches and swing the scope round till it's pointing roughly at your target. Then lock the clutches and hone in using the ra/dec controls. You'll find that if you are polar aligned you will mostly only have to turn the RA in order to track the object.

Takes a bit of getting used to cos eq mounts turn and twist into wierd orientations. If the ep is underneath - just loosen the tube rings and twist it round within them to a comfy position. Be very careful not to loosen too much or drop the scope out.


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Baring in mind that im a total beginner, just to recap, you mean loosen cluches a bit and point it roughly where you want then retighten clutches and move in with the ***/dec controls.

Does the telescope not return to its orginal postion after the clutchs are retightened? I'm at work the now so it will be a few hours before I can try this.

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After my first night actually using the scope outside (didn't want to set up only for an hour or two) can I just say wow.

I seen the Andromeda Galaxy although it was little more then a grayish blob lit up in the middle a bit I'm still very impressed (in the future I'm sure I'll have much better views even with this scope). And when I moved the scope to Jupiter I managed to see some bands around it plus 4 moons. Beautiful views.

I even managed to get a extremely noobish picture of Jupiter and its moons

First Jupiter


Thanks for the advice Brantuk it was extremely helpful. After everything was all set up properly and polar aligned moving the scope seemed a lot easier then my first few tries.

Edited by Aussie
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Excellent - glad I was able to help Aussie :(

Btw - did you download "Stellarium" yet - very good planetarium software and totally free - it'll show you everything that's up in the sky in real time once you set your coordinates in it. Some great objects coming up over the next few months.

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Not had a chance yet but I do it literally right now.

Took me awhile there to remember my HTML been ages since I have used it either way added a little first picture, awful quality but its not on a DSLR camera not a motored mount yet. I have the motor just have not got round to attaching yet.

Anyway onto Stellarium I go.

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Just had a quick look at Stellarium, that is amazing I'm sure that will come in handy for me. One downside though is that I don't have a laptop however its still extremely helpful thanks.

Hopefully this will be my last help thread for awhile lol.

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I knew you'd like it - no probs with questions - won't allways be me answering but feel free to ask anytime you like and someone will answer. Nice pic for a first effort - got the moons in nicely even though the planets a tad washed out. Trouble is - you can't allways get 'em both in the same shot - need to superimpose the moons over the planet taken at different settings (which means the moons disappear lol)

Good Luck 'n' clear skies :(

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