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Got an interesting effect last night imaging the Pleiades, got a Bahtinov mask diffraction spike - and no I didn't have one on!:( I havn't got one for this scope. and its a refractor! so I dont know where it came from.


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That's interesting, in a strange kind of way. If it was as Cat said, I would have expected the spikes to be equidistant as they are usually set at 120* from each other. Also one of them must be intruding into the light path a long way due to it's length.

The only thing I can suggest is that you take the camera off and get your eye up to the rear of the tube and have a look. Maybe try this with the scope pointing at a white wall.

Is there anything else ie in the camera that is intruding ? What camera were you using ? Any filters ?


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Nothing else intruding that I can see, the camera is the QHY8 and a LP filter....It doesnt bother me as its only shown up on that one set of images, but interesting none the less for the Bahtinov mask diffraction spike effect!

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