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what is it?

just looking

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Last night about 8.45 the sky was lovely and clear

(the first time in months.)

I Was on the front and noticed a very bright star.

it was to the far left of the Dipper.(saucepan)

got the Bins out and it was changing colours lime green/red/blue.

Flickering,really colourfull We watched it for about 1/2 hr even fetched the neighbour out to look lol

looked on Stellarium but couldn't find it on there.

then it went down passed the trees.

it wasan't a Plane/hellicopter.

UFO <to me it looked like one would look. lol

is it a Star or Planet?

it wasan't Jupiter as that was on the back.

Don't know what it was but it was very nice.:(

and will be out tonight armed with the scope though this time.

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Thanks M I bet it was.

Do you know Malc said it could be that as well

but we are not sure about all the constelation yet.

Its A BIG Colourfull Star.will look at that in more detail tonight with Scope

Clouds Permitting. ;O)

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